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The RV Gift Guide [Updated 2023]

Alyssa Chartier-profile-image
Alyssa Chartier
November 7, 2023

TL;DR: Discover the perfect gifts for RV enthusiasts, from space-saving kitchen gadgets and outdoor cooking options to safety gear, electronics, and unique memberships. Make their road adventures unforgettable with these thoughtful and practical gift ideas.

The RV Gift Guide [Updated 2023]

Finding the perfect gift for a fellow RVer or a loved one who RVs isn’t always easy. This guide can help you find the best gifts—at the best prices—for any and every adventurer in your life. Here we will help you discover awesome ideas for life on the road. So what do you get for someone who lives in such tight quarters? It needs to be small, practical, helpful, fun, and memorable. With everything else going on this holiday season, spending hours thinking about it might not be possible. Let us help you create a short list of the things that could be most helpful.

Here is our list of the best gifts for the RVer in your life—plus some massive deals we’ve learned about along the way.

Kitchen & Cooking Ideas

Space-saving cooking tools go a long way for the RV experience. Pots and pans without long handles, collapsible everything, and much more. Here are some great gift ideas.

Nesting Cookware


(Photo Courtesy of Xeeyaya via Amazon.com)

This is incredibly helpful for your RVer. Having cookware that takes up almost no space is an amazing bonus, but you still want to be able enjoy cooking with it. 

Magma makes a nice set of non-stick cookware that will work for any type of cooking surface—including induction which is popular for van dwellers.  

Another great option is this set from Xeeyaya. Similar to the Magma set, they have removable handles and nest into each other. This set is a little smaller, but still offers all the basics.

**Cool Options for Foods and Spices **

To make life on the road a little more interesting, you can always get your loved one a variety of foods and spices to take with them.



(Photo Courtesy of Spiceology via spiceology.com)

Spiceology is a company with a lot of fun and unique options. This variety pack of BBQ blends is always a fan favorite. But BBQ rubs are just the beginning of what Spiceology offers. Try the Adobo Latin Blend or maybe the African Birds Eye Chile for a little fun.

Meat Alternatives

Even if being a vegetarian—or vegan—isn’t something your loved one identifies with, there are other benefits to using a meat alternative. Saving space in your refrigerator, eating healthy, and flexibility are all great things for any road warrior.

Collapsible Everything

Another space saving approach to RV life is having collapsible everything. Here is a list of things that are great options to save space.

For the Coffee Lover

Coffee-loving RVers have a lot of great options for making coffee in their RV or while they're out on a hike.

Traditional Coffee Maker

A traditional coffee maker works for the RVer who loves the campground experience. Something that has an insulated pot—instead of a hot plate to keep coffee warm—goes a long way in saving energy for those off-grid moments. One other feature worth noting is a brew basket that doesn’t require filters. It saves on garbage space and the need to purchase new filters. Here is a great option from Black + Decker.

Pour-over Coffee Maker—for the Coffee Snob in Your Life

This insulated pour over coffee maker is a great alternative to the traditional coffee maker. It not only looks good and makes great coffee, but it keeps the coffee hotter for longer than the traditional glass carafes. Check this out.

Coffee Maker for the Backpacker


(Photo Courtesy of Aeropress via Aeropress.com)

The AeroPress is one of the best ways to make a single serving cup of joe. It pulls all the right flavors, is compact, durable, and doesn’t take forever to get that first cup. This is a favorite among backpackers for the quality of coffee it produces, the lightweight nature, and the ability to sit on the bottom of a pack without getting destroyed. Check out what AeroPress has to offer. An added bonus is that it’s probably the cheapest option!

Coffee on the Go

Speaking of coffee for backpacking, Wildland Coffee offers a full spread of coffee options for any backpacker, camping enthusiast, or even road warrior. You can find coffee bags—just like typical tea bags—fresh whole-bean coffee, ground coffee, and even Lion’s Mane creamer. If you’re a Harvest Hosts Member, you can save 25% on Wildland Coffee. For more details, go to your Member Benefits page.

Alternative Ways to Cook


When it comes to RVing and cooking, there usually isn’t much space. Sometimes spilling outside of your home on wheels is a must. Having alternative ways to cook is a must—and we aren’t talking about building an outdoor pizza oven either. Check out some of these simple ideas.

Camp Stove

Having a camp stove like this helps keep the heat outside in the summer months, plus allows your wandering loved one to spend more time outdoors.

Omnia Stove Top Oven

The Omnia Stove Top Oven allows you to utilize a single cooking device—like a stove top—to do everything you would do in a traditional home with a range. Check it out.

Solar Oven


(Photo Courtesy of GOSUN via amazon.com)

This might seem a bit ridiculous, but it works and makes some of the best food you’ll ever eat. The GOSUN cooking devices take advantage of what the universe gives us and utilizes it to sustain us. It is truly a unique experience and would make a great—and unexpected—gift.

Air Fryer


Air Fryers are another fantastic small appliance worth taking with you in your RV. There is no better way to get crispy bacon than with an airfryer. If you can cook with it outside, you’ll be the envy of the RV park. Plus, you’ll get crispy bacon without having your entire RV smell like it for the next three days. Here are a few great options.

Watersports, Hiking, & Other Gear


It might not seem like something you would want to think about with the chill in the air, but water sports are extremely popular for RVers. Some of the best spots in the entire country revolve around water, and having a water vessel like a kayak or paddle board is a must.


When the trail ends and water activities begin, paddleboarding is the way to go. It is a wonderful exercise, works the entire body, and lets you vary from standing, to kneeling, to sitting—and even some yoga—while navigating the water. For the wanderer in your life, a SUP—a stand-up paddleboard—could be a great gift.


This company has been around for a while and is offering some deep discounts—up to 50% off—this holiday season. They range in style, use, and price. But you will be able to find something for all levels with iRocker. 


One of the oldest makers of SUPs in the industry is ISLE. Based in San Diego, this company has been using long surfboards with paddles for ages. They have inflatable options and are fantastic boards. This holiday season you could save up to 50% off an ISLE SUP.



This sport has always been popular. But with the outdoor industries recent growth kayaking has never been more popular. From fishing kayaks, to white water kayaks, to leisure kayaks, there are options for everyone—including dog-friendly options!

Sit-in Kayak

Lifetime might not be the leading brand of kayaks, but it is a great option for those that travel. Sometimes having the best and most expensive option attracts eyes on the road.

Lifetime makes a durable kayak at a great price this time of year. Check out this deal.

Portable Water Filtration


_ (Photo Courtesy of Katadyn via REI.com)_

Having a way to stay hydrated on the trail can help. Here are some easy ones to use.

Pet Monitor

Know someone who RVs with a pet? Consider a Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor. This device works on cellular data to alert you when the conditions inside of your rig are unsafe for your pets year-round. Waggle users are also offered the option to add on a 24/7 veterinarian hotline through their platform.If you’re a Harvest Hosts Member, you can save 40% on Waggle Pet Monitors. For more details, go to your Member Benefits page.

Trekking Poles


Having a set of trekking poles while hiking is always a good idea. Perhaps checking out the REI website will help you select the right pair.

Safety Gear and Accessories


Anytime you are on the road, having the right safety gear is a must. It can help prevent problems or get you out of tough situations. Here are some thoughtful—yet helpful—gift ideas.

**Clothing Upgrades **


When you live in an RV, the bulky clothing has to go. This means you’ll need sweatshirts that are thinner—but still warm. Nice, warm wool socks are great too– they’re small and give you added warmth. There are a lot of different clothing items but are super affordable that the budget-conscious van or RV dweller may not buy for themselves.



Nice socks are a commodity when traveling in a van or RV. You want warm socks for those cold floors. You want breathable socks for those long hikes. You want socks that don’t hold the stink. And you want durable socks. Those types of socks are much more costly than the Fruit of the Loom socks you buy at Walmart. Here are some ideas.



Slim slippers are another great option to help tackle comfort and function. If you buy a wanderer something, always think about space. Buy a nice pair of warm slippers with a solid sole and you’ve won! Something like this. 

REI Down Coat


(Photo Courtesy of REI)

Upgrading a winter coat is always a helpful addition—especially for those who love snowshoeing, skiing, or winter photography sessions.

Stocking Stuffers

One of the best ways to make sure your gift fits in your nomads lifestyle is to make sure it all fits inside a stocking. There are a lot of great options to consider and here are some of our favorites.

And when you don’t know what else to get, there is always RV toilet paper—yes, RVs need specific toilet paper.



Electronics always make great gifts—even for RVers. Perhaps checking out these electronics can help you figure out which makes the most sense for you.


TravlFi's pay-as-you-go internet for RVers helps you stay connected on the road. This helps RVers effortlessly stream their favorite movies, and keep in touch with loved ones. If you want the RVer in your life to call you more, this is the perfect gift!Harvest Hosts Members get $35 off any TravlFi Wi-Fi device and no activation fee. For more details, go to your Member Benefits page.



Since space is always an issue, a Kindle can be a great gift to store all your books in one spot.

Storage Drives

Creating extra space for your images, videos, etc. is a great gift for anyone. Adding jump drives and external harddrives, can be a boost to the photographer or videographer in your life. Best Buy typically offers great deals this time of year.

Off Grid Systems


RVing is best done while boondocking and these systems will help your adventure-loving van or RV dweller stay off-grid for longer. Check out the ideas below.



(Photo Courtesy of LuminAID.com)

Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork invented LuminAID's solar lighting technology just after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. They were inspired to design a simple, rechargeable light that could be cost-effectively distributed after disasters. Since then, LuminAID packable lanterns and phone chargers have become the perfect holiday gift for anyone who likes to get outdoors and hike or camp, grill up a feast in the backyard, or just wants to be prepared in case of an emergency! Harvest Hosts Members get 15% off all full-price items at LuminAID. See your Member Benefits page for details.

RV Upgrades 

RV, van, or bus upgrades are always appreciated. Here are some great upgrades.

Water Filtration

Because the wanderer in your life travels so much, they don’t have just one water profile they are working with. They could go from battling salt to iron to heavily chlorinated water in just a couple of days. So getting a water filter system that is flexible is a great option. Here are a couple of different approaches to take.

ClearSource Ultra RV Water Filter


(Photo Courtesy of ClearSourceRV.com)

This is a top-of-the-line system that filters or removes bacteria, cysts, and viruses. This three-stage system has three separate filters to help tackle the toughest water issues. The first stage is a 5-micron filter. The second is a 0.5 micron filter that removes smaller particles and helps improve the smell and tastes of the water. Finally, the third stage filters and protects the body from harmful parts. This is one of the most used filter systems by any RVer.

Berkey Filters

Another great option—but a countertop hog—is the Berkey Filter water solution. This system is used all over the world to help turn bad water into good water. They have an exhaustive list—and test results—explaining everything they eliminate from the water. Berkey Filters rarely go on sale, but this holiday season they are offering significant discounts that are worth considering—maybe even for yourself.

DIY Water Filtration

If you aren’t looking to shell out the big bucks, are a little handy, and want something a little custom, you can design your own filter system. You can purchase these housing brackets—or two or three of them—and add your own filters.

These can be swapped out for different uses or extended to create a complex system for everything. There are a ton of filters out there and purchasing housing that will allow you to get creative is probably the most important part when designing your own.

This will certainly display to your traveling loved one that you listen to where they go, what the water is like there, and that you care to give them great water. Just another option to consider.

RV AC Units

Soft Start RV AC units are a perfect gift for the summer road-tripper!

  • Run Two Air Conditioners On A 30-Amp Hookup
  • __Run One Air Conditioner Using Only A Small Portable Generator
  • __Run One Air Conditioner On A 20-Amp Household Hookup
  • __Run An Air Conditioner Or Two Using Your Onboard Inverter System

Learn more

Save 15% on Goodyear Tires


Goodyear.com makes it easy to find the right tire, schedule your installation and complete your purchase – all online. Give the gift of confident traction and responsive handling this holiday season!Save On Tires

Memberships, Experiences, & More

Above everything else, the wandering adventurer in your life loves experiences. By considering some of these memberships, you are going to be giving them something they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Here are some of our favorite memberships and deserve great consideration for you.


With Outdoorsy, you can book a stay at one-of-a-kind glamping sites and then rent an RV, camper van, or travel trailer for yourself. Get a taste of life on the road with your loved ones with Outdoorsy!  Harvest Hosts Members get $50 off RV rentals from Outdoorsy. See your Member Benefits page for more details.



(Photo Courtesy of Escapees.com)

For 40 years, Escapees has been helping RVers stay on the road. With an Escapees membership, the RVer in your life will receive park discounts, maps, news updates, hangout events, and so much more. This is a great option if your RVer has ever expressed moments of loneliness on the road, or wished they knew more RVers. Harvest Hosts Members get $10 off a new Escapees membership. See your Member Benefits page for details.



(Photo Courtesy of GyPSy Guide via gypsyguide.com)

If you know there is a passion for history inside your loved one, this could make a great gift. GuideAlong (formerly known as GyPSy Guide) offers guides, tours, and tips as you travel. This means you don’t need to meet at 7 A.M. to join your tour group and be herded like cattle. It is as simple as looking through their list of tours and lining it up with where your loved one will travel. Once this is purchased, you own this tour forever. They even have great bundles like the All US West Tour. This offers a lot of history for very little money. Harvest Hosts Members get 15% off. Go to your Member Benefits page for more details.

A Good Book to Read

When you are on the road, there can be a lot of down time. Having a good book to read can help pass the time, engage the mind, and calm the soul. If you know the RVer in your life likes to read—or even wishes they had time to read—a good book could be a solid choice.

If they are starting out in life on the road, this is a great book to consider buying for them.



For any trail seeker, AllTrails is a great app to have access to. With this app, you can find the perfect hiking trail for the time you have. If you have a pup with you, you can find dog-friendly trails. If you want to chase waterfalls, you can find that too. While anyone can sign up for an account, the good stuff hides behind an AllTrails+ membership. This gives you access to so much more, and is a rather affordable gift. Harvest Hosts Members get 30% off an AllTrails+ Membership. See your Member Benefits page for more details.

America the Beautiful


(Photo Courtesy of USGS.gov)

The U.S. Parks Pass is the ultimate membership for those looking to visit some of the most beautiful places in North America. When you give this gift and see their photos later, you can know that you had a part in them seeing that spot, taking that picture, and creating that memory. The added bonus of helping protect our parks is nice too.

Other additions to the U.S. Parks pass could include:

Harvest Hosts


A Harvest Hosts All-Access membership might be the best gift you can give your loved one for life on the road. With 8,000+ locations across North America, you’ll be giving your loved ones the gift of adventure, travel, and memories for years to come. For the same cost as about four nights at a typical campground, they’ll get unlimited overnight stays at all 8,000 locations. With the All-Access Membership, they’ll get to stay at unique farms, award-winning wineries, distilleries, and other great attractions. This membership offers unlimited overnight stays for an entire year. You’ll get all of that along with member benefits and helpful travel features like map overlays—like cell coverage—7,000 dump locations, and even the opportunity to stay on private properties too. Join Harvest Hosts

The Perfect Gift Is a Thoughtful Gift

This wraps up our guide to finding the perfect gift for the RVer in your life. Hopefully you found something here—or it at least sparked an idea. Just remember a good gift is thoughtful, practical, and timely.

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