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Emerald Vale: Tee Up in Scenic Splendor
Manton, MI
Over 45ft
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Immerse yourself in the treasured tranquility of northern Michigan while embarking on an unforgettable RV camping experience. Located in the welcoming family community of Manton, a hidden gem awaits between the vibrant towns of Cadillac and Traverse City. This destination is not just any stop on your journey; it's a haven carved from the most picturesque terrains of Wexford County, offering both rest for the weary traveler and challenge for the passionate golfer. Imagine waking up to panoramic views that seamlessly blend with the natural terrain, offering a serene backdrop to your morning coffee. The renowned course, a masterpiece by Bruce Matthews III, boasts a layout that respects both the beauty of its environment and the spirit of the game. With its 18 holes designed to satisfy the ambitions of seasoned golfers while welcoming newcomers, the course plays from 5277 to 6785 yards. It features 120 feet of elevation change, broad fairways, and spacious greens, ensuring a memorable round regardless of your score. The commitment to excellence is palpable, not just in the design but in every element of the experience. From the first tee-off beneath the clear Michigan skies to the final putt as the sun sets, each moment is crafted to leave a lasting impression. Whether you seek the quiet charm and elegance of a beautifully maintained course or the thrill of improving your game in a challenging yet inviting environment, your expectations will be exceeded. With high season greens fees of $42 and low season rates at a modest $25, the value of this experience is unmatched. RV camping enthusiasts looking for a unique blend of outdoor beauty, recreational fun, and friendly hospitality will find this northern Michigan locale to be the perfect addition to their travel itinerary. So, pack your clubs along with your sense of adventure, and steer your RV towards this exquisite confluence of nature, design, and golfing pleasure. Whether you're here to challenge yourself on the greens, bask in the scenic vistas, or simply enjoy a quiet escape in your RV, this destination promises a blend of relaxation and excitement that is bound to enrich your travel stories.
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Parking & Arrival
Park on the east side of parking lot near the grass
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Over 45 ft
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8:00 AM - 9:00 PM ET
Before 12:30 PM ET
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