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Boondockers Welcome Host
Boondockers Welcome
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Lexington, SC
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Max Rig Size
Up to 35 ft
Max Nights
Parking Spaces
Same Day Requests
We're currently working on our property. Our calendar will be blocked until the work is completed. We're looking forward to hosting you in the future. *** Please fully read the "Parking & Arrival" section below *** * Generators ​- whisper quiet and on-board only. Quiet hours 8pm-8am * A lot of guests have said they're happily surprised by the country location, how safe, secluded and peaceful it is while being close and convenient to so much. We're surrounded by trees, have a creek along one side of the property, see and/or hear deer, Red Shouldered & Broad Winged hawk, Barn owls, and have a nesting pair of Barred owls on the edge of our property. If you're looking for a basic idea of where we are search for Golden Hills Golf & Country Club 100 Scotland Dr, Lexington, SC 29072. Spot info: For parking information see "Parking & Arrival" section below. Hook-ups are on the picnic pavilion posts. - Electric - Is 25A using a 30A RV receptacle, on the post behind the black and gray mailboxes (pet section). It's usually able to run one A/C. If you're running your A/C and use another high demand item (coffee maker, microwave, electric water heater, hair dryer...) it usually trips the breaker in the house. 50A RVs have been able to run one A/C. You'll need ~35' cord. - Water - is on the far side of the picnic pavilion, you'll need ~50' hose. - We now have a tankless propane camping water heater/shower available for guests. I keep it in my garage to keep it clean and critters out of it. Feel free to ask about it. The shower spot is currently set up in the picnic pavilion and is a work in progress. I'm planning to add a walled in shower area. For the time being you'll need to wear a bathing suit or we can hang tarps for privacy. We also have a large raised wash basin/pet bath stand ~3'x4'. Local info: We have an information tote on the picnic table with tons of local brochures, maps and more. You can keep anything that there is more than one of. If there is only one of something and you go there please pick up one for future guests. There's a Planet Fitness 1 mile away. Multiple guests have said the showers are very nice, clean, spacious, have changing area in them, and have endless hot water. Within a few miles there is - Aldi, Lidl, Lowe's foods, Publix, Food Lion, 14 Carrot Whole Foods, World Market, Walmart, Target; Local and chain restaurants, fast food, Lowe's, Home Depot, Tractor Supply Co (best place I've found to refill Propane), Hobby Lobby and tons of other places to go; multiple gas stations with diesel. Multiple guests have said the So Fresh So Clean Laundromat at 1336 Two Notch Rd, Lexington, SC 29073 is exactly as the name says. There are a half dozen places to dump tanks near by. The two that I've seen but never dumped at are Barnyard campground (pull along side) ~5 miles away at 201 Oak Dr. Lexington, SC 29073, and Love's truck stop (back in) you'll need a long hose as it'll be behind your rig. 11 miles away at 340 Longs Pond Rd. Lexington, SC 29073. I think both charge $10. --Lake Murray is 3.5 miles away there is a paved walking/bicycling/skating path over the damn, public boat launch ~6 miles away, Saluda Shoals Park, Riverbanks Botanical Garden, Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Columbia Canal, Riverfront Park, Three Rivers Greenway walking and bike path(paved and boardwalk), South Carolina State Museum, South Carolina State House, Congaree National Park, world's largest fire hydrant... Pets: Our property is not fenced. Your welcome to let you pet/s off leash. Please clean up after your pet. Cats that stay inside are ok. If you have an in/outside cat we'll need to coordinate outside time since our dogs don't know cats or how to behave with them and I don't want to take a chance of you or your cat getting injured. Sometimes one of ours growls at cats, we think he thinks they're squirrels, since he used to love to chase squirrels. We haven't had the opportunity to train him with a dog smart cat yet. We're hoping the opportunity will arise. We have two Border Collies. They do great with other dogs, kids, and don't seal food. Remy (red) injured his back chasing a squirrel, please limit the amount of fetch played to keep him from getting sore and so they don't overheat IE: 5 throws, then a 5-10 min. break. Rubi (Black tricolor) hasn't been with us long. She pops-up to greet your face, please make her sit before petting her. She doesn't usually put her paws on you unless you're taking too long to throw the ball. At first PLEASE DO NOT throw whatever they bring you. There's a black mailbox with dog toys in it. I patrol my yard regularly for doggie landmines, if you find one there is a gray mailbox with flags to mark them and any other hazards you find IE: fire ants, trip hazards... Misc: Per BW "Courtesy Contract" - Trash is near the telephone pole, guests can put two 13 gal kitchen sized bags per week. Near the house back door we have a large recycling bin you can use, the lid lists what Can and Can't go in it. Next to it is a blue can with black lid we put crushed aluminum cans in for our local Fire Department. It's ok to: spend nights away while you rig stays here, have a couple guests come visit you here, have packages delivered while you're here or ahead of time, use the lawn to reorganize/clean your rig, do maintenance and/or repairs on your rig and toad. Please let me know your plans ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.
Hosted By __mrpc__
Member since Mar 2019
My wife and I are quiet, low key easy going people. We have a lot of experience hosting as we're Hall of Fame level hosts but little being guests. We have loads of projects planned for our home, property and Boondockers Welcome site. We enjoy working in our yard, seeing new things and places. We have traveled a bit for my job. My wife enjoys gardening. I enjoy driving anything and everything I can on and off road, riding on road motorcycles, helping and teaching others about operating vehicles and towing, I've been towing for over 25 years. I'm well versed in it and understand the ratings and numbers. We sold our 3rd camper, a toy hauler (pictured in our listing) in 2021, so we're camperless for the time being. I'm a very electrically and mechanically inclined person and can figure out and fix most things as it's what I do for a living.
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Pets Allowed
Water Hookup Available
Electric Hookup Available: 30A
Generators Allowed
Hookup Notes
There are no required fees. Donations are voluntary and are greatly appreciated. They go toward power used, trash and building an enclosed guest shower.
House Rules
-- Do Not show up without sending your planned and updated ETA (changes by ~30 mins ±) -- Noise - No: fireworks, incessantly barking dogs, loud music, loud TVs, etc... (things that can be heard at a distance), Generators: whisper quiet and on-board only. Quiet hours 8pm-8am. -- Clean up after your pets. -- Campfires are allowed if there isn't a burn ban in effect (needs to be checked daily), portable propane fire pits are allowed any time.
Parking & Arrival
**Please Do Not show up without sending your planned and updated ETA (changes by ~30 mins ±)** I work full time. I'm usually not home to give instructions or help you park, and may not be able to answer questions quickly while at work. If you have any questions please ask ASAP. Since we're near the city don't forget to consider commuter traffic hours when planning your trip. Self parking back in spot. You'll be parking along the tree line, backed up to the corner of the picnic pavilion, parallel to and ~2-3' from the telephone pole laying on the ground, like the Shockwave trailer in the pictures but farther back. If you have a trailer type rig or are ~27'+ you'll most likely need to back in the driveway. Please do Not pull down in to our neighbors driveway to back in to ours, it's ok to do a pull forward into the beginning of it. When you arrive and leave you'll likely need and it's OK to drive across the lawn near the mailbox and along the driveway. Other areas of the lawn can become soft when it rains. Class A & C if flat towing or using a tow dolly there ISN'T room to park in the street and disconnect. ** ~32' or less or traveling alone you can pull in the driveway to disconnect. You'll likely need to use the street to turn around. ** ~32'+ you can try the above if you want but I highly recommend disconnecting in any of the local large parking lots IE: Target, Walmart, Food Lion... and driving your towed in separately. Feel free to stop by in your towed to survey the situation before bringing your camper. If you have a tow dolly you can leave it near my mailbox and I can use my tractor to move it so it doesn't have to moved by hand. There's plenty of room to reconnect/reload your toad before you leave. If you're driving a second vehicle and trailer I have room to park them too.
Max Rig Size:
Up to 35 ft
Parking Spaces:
Parking Surface:
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