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Discover the Best Hiking Trails for RV Campers in Virginia

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Allison Smith
June 19, 2024

TL;DR: Virginia's rich history and stunning landscapes make it ideal for RV campers and hikers. Top locations include Old Rag Mountain, Grayson Highlands, George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, and Mount Rogers. Plus, find great Harvest Hosts spots like Draper Mercantile, Brix and Columns winery, and Mill Gap Farms for relaxing stays. Check our guide for RV-specific tips and maintenance advice. Happy hiking!

Discover the Best Hiking Trails for RV Campers in Virginia

Virginia, known for its rich history and stunning landscapes, offers a variety of hiking trails perfect for RV campers. From the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains to the scenic coastline, Virginia's natural beauty there are many great places to hike & explore.

For those planning a visit, it's helpful to know about RV-specific tips. Check out our comprehensive guide on RV camping in Virginia. If you’re exploring more of the Mid-Atlantic in the summertime, learn how to best tune up your AC before you set off on your hiking trip.

Now, what you’ve been waiting for! Here are some of the best hiking trails for RV campers in Virginia.

The Best Hiking in Virginia

1. Old Rag Mountain

shenandoah.png Shenandoah National Park is renowned for its breathtaking vistas and diverse hiking opportunities. Within the park, you'll find Rag Mountain which offers several hiking trails all on its own!

Old Rag Circut - this is the most popular hike but also very strenuous. This 9.4 mile circut hike is expected to take over 7 hours, and includes rock scramble terrain, but the reward is 360 view at the top of the mountain! Old Rag Berry Hollow - this is a less strenuous hike compared to the Circut trail at 5.4 miles round trip and allows you to bypass the rock scramble. This trail takes about 6 hours! Nicholson Hollow - This alternative pet-friendly route is considered moderately streneous at 8 miles! Walk by several stream crossings and end at Corbin Cabin, an old homesite!

Find More Details Here

2. Grayson Highlands State Park

greyson.png There are several great hiking opportunities within Grayson Highlands State Park! With high elevation, the 17 hiking trails available offer beautiful views, and beginner-friendly options with a majority of trails being under 3 miles.

Learn more about the hiking options at Greyson Highlands State Park Here.

3. George Washington and Jefferson National Forests

gwj.png The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests is one of the the largest blocks of public land in the United States at 1.8 million acres. Naturally, there are lots of hiking opportunities within these forests.

One of the most popular hiking trails within the forest is the Dragon’s Tooth Trai. It is a 4.8-mile round-trip hike that leads to an impressive rock spire with panoramic views. This challenging trail includes steep sections and rock scrambles you must cross to get to the end where you’ll get breathtaking vistas of the surrounding area.

4. Mount Rogers National Recreation Area

mt rogers.png Mount Rogers National Recreation Area is located within the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests and is home to Virginia’s highest peak and offers over 400 miles of hiking trails, including 60 miles of the Appalachian Trail and 18 miles of the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Learn more about hiking in Mount Rogers National Recreation area here.

Harvest Hosts Locations in Virginia

After a day of exploring Virginia’s magnificent trails, RV campers can relax at one of these Harvest Hosts locations by Virginia’s vast public lands:

Draper Village / Draper Mercantile


hh_draper-villagedraper-mercantile_mid_204027_philip-glennon_21-07-28_DgE08SST4aok0itg_b9d2fb3c263a18473cdca79876f59ab0.jpg hh_draper-villagedraper-mercantile_mid_39742_joseph-mueller_20-06-29_dS2irs6wa5KrCvbj_311b46eda26d21e62c676ec4920b4b33.jpg

Draper Village/Draper Mercantile is a historic gem located in the scenic countryside of Draper, Virginia, a town just outside the southern half of George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. This unique Harvest Host offers visitors a charming blend of artisan shops, delicious dining options, and fascinating local history. With its warm hospitality and inviting atmosphere, Draper Mercantile is the perfect stop for RV travelers looking to experience authentic Southern charm.

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Brix and Columns


hh_brix-columns_mid_29083_andrew-and-katharine-stewart_20-09-13_dViaFGpy63eZ8UZz_713eeb94ae51729833bb362fbc65bf48.jpg hh_brix-columns_mid_116287_eva-kaszala_20-10-18_vxX7Yg9MQPIbaUo7_a6df9952724cd280972c6fc3d92455f2.jpg

Brix and Columns is a stunning winery nestled in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. This Harvest Host location offers visitors breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, award-winning wines, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're enjoying a wine tasting on the elegant veranda or exploring the picturesque vineyards, Brix and Columns promises a memorable and serene escape for RV travelers.

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Mill Gap Farms


hh_mill-gap-farms_mid_199914_brent-schnupp_21-05-30_FyyXws93LZTuzMDF_ee063a114f012f1d80838948c5245557.jpg hh_mill-gap-farms_mid_16934_despina-raizes_24-05-01_gepevMixTvNTmskG_068be582e90f93320f80ac967ae616b4.jpg

Mill Gap Farms, tucked away in the scenic Highland County, Virginia, is an enchanting Harvest Host destination known for its organic maple syrup production. Visitors can tour the farm, witness the syrup-making process, and enjoy the serene beauty of the surrounding countryside. With its warm hospitality and unique farming experience, Mill Gap Farms offers RV travelers a delightful and educational retreat close to George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, the Seneca Stae Forest, and Monongahela National Forest.

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Virginia offers an array of hiking opportunities that cater to all levels of RV campers. From the challenging peaks of Shenandoah to the vast beauty of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, there’s a trail for everyone. Be sure to check trail conditions and availability before you go, and enjoy your adventures in one of Virginia's most beautiful regions.

Planning on storing your RV after your Virginia adventure? Don’t miss our ultimate guide to storing your RV in the off-season to keep it in top shape for your next trip. For more information on RV camping in Virginia, visit our Virginia RV camping guide. Happy hiking!

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