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Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why Fishing Trips are Best in an RV

Alyssa Chartier-profile-image
Alyssa Chartier
June 2, 2022

TL;DR: Fishing in an RV is unbeatable! Fish at prime times, camp near hotspots, swap tips with fellow RVers, explore different areas, and enjoy fresh catches cooked on the grill.

Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why Fishing Trips are Best in an RV

Fishing is a great activity to combine with RVing - it’s free (other than gear and license costs), it gets you outdoors in nature, and it takes you to some beautiful areas.

And then there’s the promise of making a nice meal with your catch if you are successful.

I’ve put together this list of five reasons why fishing trips in an RV are the best!

  • Fish During The Best Periods
  • Camp Right Near the Best Fishing Spots
  • Swap Information With Other RVers Nearby
  • You Aren't Restricted to One Area
  • You Can Cook Your Catch
  1. You can fish during the best periods. Sometimes fishing is good during the middle of the day, but more often than not, you’ll have more luck in the morning or afternoon and even into the night. One of the most frustrating parts of fishing a hot bite is having to leave to get back to your accommodation, which may be some distance from where you are fishing. With an RV, you have no such problems - fish as early or as late as you like, and “home” is literally a stone’s throw away. And if you’ve done a dawn start, you can have a rest during the day and attack the fish again as the sun is going down. In addition, using an RV gives maximum flexibility to fall in with the schedule the fish are keeping to maximize your catch.


  1. You can camp right near the best fishing spots. Being mobile in your RV means less time wasted “commuting” each day to the chosen fishing spots than if you were staying in a motel in a nearby town. With an RV, you can usually camp close to the fishing spot here’s a good way to find fishing spots near you and take advantage of the time savings and get more hours on the water. Plus, you can soak in the natural beauty of the fishing area!

  2. You can swap information on the RV grapevine. RVers are a social bunch and love to share information on the best places to eat, drink coffee or sightsee. Fishing is no different. Many RVers love to fish and are willing to share information on great fishing spots and where you are targeting trout.

3.** You aren’t bound to the one area.** We’ve all been on those trips when the fishing is dead, with thousands of casts and not a flicker of interest from the fish. Sometimes it’s weather or barometric pressure linked, but other times there’s no rhyme or reason to why the fish aren’t biting. Usually, the only solution in these instances is to change location - get yourself to another lake, another river catchment, or a new location on the coast if you are saltwater fishing. You'll often find that just shifting location is enough to find some great fishing and salvage an otherwise disappointing trip. You can’t really do this if you’ve booked accommodation, but with an RV it is a simple matter to pack up and drive a few miles down the road and try your luck. Most often, you’ll turn things around!

  1. You can cook your catch. Although we practice catch and release a lot for fish species that are abundant and tasty, we aren’t averse to taking some fish for the table where this is permitted under the rules and regulations. And with fish, it really is a case of the fresher, the better. With an RV, you can have your fish on the grill within an hour of it being caught, and you’ll be rewarded by the great taste of ultra-fresh fish essentially for free. But if you are staying in a motel or lodge, you are going to be putting it in the freezer to take home most times as there just aren’t the facilities to cook fish the right way.


We hope this article has emphasized how useful an RV is for fishing and has persuaded some of our fellow RVers to consider taking along a fishing rod or two and seizing the opportunity to have a few casts along the journey.You may also wish to check a couple of useful guides on Tackle Village to help you get a license for the state you are fishing in they are available in Walmart in most states and understand any discounts or exemptions that are available for seniors, veterans, and anglers with a disability.

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Alyssa Chartier
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