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Top 20 RV Apps

Taryn Shorr-profile-image
Taryn Shorr
April 14, 2024

TL;DR: Transform your RV adventures with 20 must-have apps for navigation, finding cheap gas, free camping, weather alerts, and more. Embrace the open road with ease and excitement!

Top 20 RV Apps [Updated 2024]

A good RV road trip can change your life. That may sound dramatic, but we’re being totally serious. Hitting the highway can give you the stimulation and inspiration needed to make an important life decision, provide some clarity (or very literal distance) on any number of things occupying your mind at home, or even come up with a new business idea.

And while there’s nothing quite like simply connecting with the open road, today we have the luxury of some fantastic RV apps at our disposal. From making trip planning a bit easier to finding the cheapest gas and connecting you with free camping, there are RV apps for every interest and need. Here’s a look at 20 of our favorites. We hope these will help make your next trip even more amazing than usual!

1. Togo RV (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: An all-in-one RV app that provides GPS navigation, campsite finders, trip-planning resources, and a suite of tools for keeping track of maintenance and essential RV info

Pricing: Free version; $59.99 for Roadpass Pro; 7-day free trial available

Download links: App Store / Google Play 

Togo RV is the ultimate RV app for helping you stay organized and, most importantly, helping you stay on the move. Transform the amount of time you spend on vehicle maintenance and trip planning into time spent actually enjoying your RV and exploring the open road! 

In the app, find nearby places and things to do, reference an array of RV checklists, stay on top of RV maintenance and get notified of relevant RV recalls, find a mobile technician in the event you need a repair on the road, get decor and DIY inspiration from RV Living, and more!

While Togo RV’s free version is feature-packed, upgrade to Roadpass Pro (previously called Togo RV Plus) to unlock premium features. Some highlights include GPS navigation customized to your RV’s size (no worrying about a clearance that may be too low!), custom checklists, a subscription to Roadtrippers Plus, the top road trip planner, and exclusive savings on many RV essentials. 

Harvest Hosts members receive an exclusive 30% off a Roadpass Pro membership. Login to your Harvest Hosts account and navigate to the Membership tab, then click on “Member Discounts” for more details.!


2. Roadtrippers (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: A road trip itinerary planner that makes the planning stage fun and easy, with the ability to quickly and easily add stops, plus calculators for fuel cost and time

Pricing: Free version available; plus basic, pro, and premium tiers ranging from $35.99-$59.99 yearly.

Download links: App Store / Google Play

Best known for helping travelers find quirky roadside attractions, Roadtrippers is an excellent road trip planning app. It allows you to add stops en route to your final destination, while also calculating total time and fuel cost.

After you enter your start and end points, overlay your route with stops from categories including “offbeat,” museums, excursions, abandoned or historic points of interest, photo ops, outdoor recreation such as national parks, nature reserves, and scenic viewpoints, and much more.

Wondering about the major differences between the free and premium versions of Roadtrippers? You get seven “waypoints” (stops) with the free app, but 150 with the premium version. You also get access to offline maps.

Note: Roadtrippers Plus is included with Roadpass Pro memberships, so it may be worth spending the $49.99 annually since you’ll get access to a suite of other apps and tools for just $20 more per year.


3. iExit (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: A handy RV app that finds you on the road in real-time and offers suggestions for fuel, food, lodging, and more at upcoming highway exits

Pricing: Free

Download links: App Store / Google Play 

While cruising down the highway singing along with “Born to be Wild” at the top of your lungs, you get a sudden hankering for a bacon-avocado burger and fries. Or you realize you may have pushed the gas needle a little too far. iExit finds your spot on the highway and tells you what gas, food, lodging, or shopping options there are at upcoming exits, complete with hotel rates and Yelp reviews for restaurants. No more pulling off and hoping you’ll find a gas station or burger joint — the app takes the guesswork out of it!The app even shows you current fuel prices at upcoming gas stations so you can get the best deal (and yes, iExit also lets you know whether a particular station has diesel or not). wp-content-uploads-2022-11-rv-apps-iexit.png

4. GasBuddy (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: A super-simple RV app that helps you save money on fuel by finding you the cheapest gas nearby and offers a cashback rewards program

Pricing: Free

Download links: App Store / Google Play

It’s no secret that fuel is one of the most expensive aspects of RV living. Every cent really does add up, so putting in a bit of time and effort to find reasonably-priced gas can amount to hundreds of dollars (or more!) in savings per year. Plus, it feels good knowing you’re getting a good deal at the pump.

Enter GasBuddy, a simple app that does one thing exceptionally well: helps you find the cheapest gas nearby. All you have to do is enter the type of fuel you need (great for folks who have diesel tanks), and you’ll see a list of gas stations nearby with up-to-date prices. GasBuddy’s pricing is crowd-sourced, so it’s updated constantly in real-time by other users.

Another fantastic feature of GasBuddy is the ability to earn some cash back on gas purchases. Using the GasBack program, link an existing card to the app to earn cash back on everyday purchases including grocery shopping, dining, and (of course!), gas. You can take it a step further if you get the Pay With GasBuddy card, which saves you up to $.25 per gallon and allows you to instantly redeem accumulated GasBack savings. wp-content-uploads-2022-11-rv-app-gas-buddy.jpg

5. AllTrails (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: AllTrails helps you find nearby trails or research hikes, offering details including difficulty, length, and user feedback

Pricing: Robust free version available; $2.99 per month ($35.99 annually) for AllTrails+

Download links: App Store / Google Play

Whether you’re an avid hiker and build entire trips around specific trails or you just like to stretch your legs in nature after a few hours of driving, AllTrails is one of the best RV apps. AllTrails locates hiking trails near you and provides difficulty ratings, feedback and photos from other hikers, and a full description of the trail with details including length, elevation gain, and average time of completion. The app also offers on-trail navigation and saved, organized lists of favorite trails. This feature comes in particularly handy for researching a destination and planning out a trip ahead of time. 

With AllTrails+, users can download trail maps for offline navigation in case you lose service. Even better, the Pro version also alerts you if you go off-trail or take a wrong turn. 

Harvest Hosts members receive an exclusive 30% off AllTrails+. Login to your Harvest Hosts account and navigate to the Membership tab, then click on “Member Discounts” for more details. wp-content-uploads-2022-11-rv-apps-for-2023-alltrails.png

6. 7 Minute Workout (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: A simple yet highly effective workout app that provides seven-minute HIIT routines that don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere Pricing: Free with optional in-app purchases Download links: App Store / Google Play

Speaking of getting some exercise while on the road…you don’t necessarily have to hike to get a good workout. Or even leave your RV, for that matter! 

With 7-Minute Workout, you simply press start and an audio trainer guides you through a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. You may do jumping jacks, push-ups, triceps dips, step-ups, lunges, squats, and more. 

Each circuit is 30 seconds, with a 10-second break in between, and during each seven-minute session, you’ll crank through 12 exercises that require nothing but your own body strength. Need a bit more intensity? Go through the workout twice or even three times! You can truly do this workout routine anywhere, making it ideal for RV life.  wp-content-uploads-2022-11-rv-apps-7-minute-workout.png

7. HappyCow (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: HappyCow finds vegan and vegetarian food options nearby (not always an easy task when you’re on the road!)

Pricing: $3.99 one-time

Download links: App Store / Google Play

In some places, it can be difficult to find decent healthy food options on the road — especially if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Billing itself as “the world’s largest vegan community and food map,” HappyCow helps you find vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly options nearby. 

You don’t need to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy the app’s recommendations — HappyCow typically finds healthy options that carnivores can enjoy, too. 

Other impressive HappyCow features include the ability to save lists, get notified when new restaurants are added in areas you save, in-app navigation and offline maps, and compatibility in 180 countries.   wp-content-uploads-2022-11-rv-apps-happy-cow.webp

8. Hop Passport (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: The ultimate membership for craft beer lovers! Hop Passport encourages you to try new breweries and gives you 50% off of two beers at all participating locations. 

Pricing: A digital Hop Passport ranges from $29.99- $94.99 depending on if you buy a state, regional, or national pass.

Download links: Apple iOS / Android

For those looking to visit great breweries on their RV trips, this is a great option! You’ll get a bunch of brewery recommendations, and as an added bonus, you’ll save a nice chunk of change!  Hop Passport offers both digital and physical copies of their passports, with the option to choose by state, region, or a full USA pass. Those with a Hop Passport digital passport will be able to access the app, where you’ll be able to find and search for breweries, see how many breweries you’ve “stamped” and more! 

Harvest Hosts is also a partner of Hop Passports and several Hop Passport breweries are also Harvest Hosts locations. At select locations, you’ll be able to use both your Hop Passport and your Harvest Hosts membership to stay the night. It’s a win-win! 

Harvest Hosts members receive an exclusive 15% off coupon for any order or 25% off for a whole country passport. Login to your Harvest Hosts account and navigate to the Membership tab, then click on “Member Discounts” for more details.

9. AccuWeather (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: A surprisingly feature-rich weather app that provides detailed forecast information as well as real-time alerts and live radar

Pricing: Free with optional in-app purchases

Download links: App Store / Google Play

It certainly isn’t the most glamorous or fun of all RV apps, but AccuWeather is one of the most practical.

Weather (sorry, whether — we had to!) you want to keep an eye on the forecast in your current area or you’re monitoring your next destination for any potential inclement weather, this information is invaluable when it comes to RV trip planning. Should you take your awning down? Will you need snow chains to make it to your next destination? Should you hold off a day or two to let that storm pass?

AccuWeather is especially handy because it’s more robust than many standard weather apps. Instead of just temperatures and storm forecasts, the app provides information on UV index and “Real Feel,” plus live radar and live-time alerts.


10. Harvest Hosts (Apple iOS / Android)

Highlights: Harvest Hosts’ app of host locations, where you can easily find and book overnight stays within the interface

Pricing: $99/year for Harvest Hosts Classic plan.

Download links: App Store / Google Play

Of course, we couldn’t possibly finish off our list of the best RV apps without mentioning Harvest Hosts! The membership program’s app gives members access to over 5,000 (and growing daily!) unique places to stay overnight. We have locations in the US, Canada, and even Mexico. Stay overnight at wineries, breweries, distilleries, museums, golf courses, and more unforgettable places as a member. No need to worry about overcrowded or potentially already booked-out campsites, inconsiderate neighbors, or any of the other concerns that come along with traditional campsites. Aside from exclusive access to private host locations, a Harvest Hosts membership also gets you lots of RV-related discounts. You can even take advantage of many of them in the app!If you aren’t a member yet, what are you waiting for?! wp-content-uploads-2022-11-harvest-hosts-app.webp

Other notable RV apps worth checking out include:

  1. Campendium -- Apple iOS / Android
  2. iOverlander -- Apple iOS / Android
  3. RV Parky -- Apple iOS / Android
  4. AroundMe -- Apple iOS / Android
  5. RV Life -- Apple iOS / Android
  6. Good Sam -- Apple iOS / Android
  7. KOA -- Apple iOS / Android
  8. The Dyrt -- Apple iOS / Android
  9. RV Dump Stations -- Apple iOS only (try RV Dump Sites for an Android alternative)
  10. Overnight RV Parking -- Apple iOS / Android

Hopefully these RV apps help make your next trip a little bit easier! Please let us know if we missed any favorites, or connect with us on social media and tell us there! Don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Guide to RVer’s Online Resources, which is full of even more helpful information!

About Harvest Hosts
Harvest Hosts is a unique RV camping membership that offers self-contained RVers unlimited overnight stays at over 5,610 small businesses across North America with no camping fees. Boondock at farms, wineries, breweries, attractions, and other one-of-a-kind destinations throughout North America, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing that a safe place to stay is always nearby!
Taryn Shorr-profile-image
Taryn Shorr
Based in southern Arizona, Taryn is a self-proclaimed adventure addict who spends as much time as possible traveling and exploring. In between road-tripping, camping, hiking, and staying slightly over-caffeinated, Taryn also runs her own adventure travel blog, Chasing Trail.