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The Ultimate Guide to Boondocking

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Kyle Arnold
June 12, 2023

TL;DR: Dive into the rustic RV lifestyle with boondocking—camp without hookups, explore nature's vistas, and connect deeply with the outdoors. Discover the essentials, seasons, and tips for an unforgettable adventure.

The Ultimate Guide to Boondocking

Explore essential gear, learn about the best boondocking seasons, and discover what boondocking is all about! 

RVing is synonymous with embracing nature's tranquility and finding peace in the great outdoors. While some travelers prefer the amenities of traditional RV parks with full hookups and WiFi access, others seek a more rustic experience through boondocking. Understanding the fundamentals of boondocking can be quite beneficial to any RVer, as it offers affordability, convenience, and unparalleled vistas that may otherwise remain unseen. 

What is Boondocking?

What exactly is boondocking in an RV? Boondocking entails camping without access to electricity, water, or sewage hookups. This style of camping can be enjoyed in various ways, such as spending a night in a business parking lot, setting up camp on public lands, or being a part of Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome

Typically, when RVers discuss boondocking, they are referring to camping in national forests, on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas, or other public lands. This form of boondocking is often described as wild, primitive, or dispersed camping. It frequently rewards adventurers with more space, a one-of-a-kind closeness with nature, and awe-inspiring moments that are worthy of an Instagram post. 

Probably the lowest form of “boondocking” involves what many refer to as “wally-docking” or overnighting in Walmart, Cracker Barrel, or other RV-friendly parking lots. Some businesses are better than others, but all are typically done out of convenience, desperation, or a lack of planning. 

Camping in the wild is great, but if you’re interested in boondocking closer to civilization and are looking for a better alternative to wally-docking, then a Harvest Hosts Membership may be right for you. You’ll get unique RV camping options and unlimited overnight stays at wineries, distilleries, golf courses, farms, and other attractions across North America. With a Harvest Hosts Membership, you’re guaranteed to make memories through the special experiences you have at Host locations.

Check out this course to learn more about boondocking

Difficulties of Boondocking

The most difficult part of boondocking is the amount of planning in advance that has to be done. Things like finding safe and legal locations, maintaining a sufficient water supply, an energy source for HVAC, maintaining gray and black tank levels, and of course having enough electricity to power your electronics and run your refrigerator. Needless to say, planning an extended boondocking trip takes some strategic planning and a little guidance in order to run smoothly.  

How to Rethink Boondocking

If you focus on the objectives of boondocking, planning is easier than you might think. The goal is to conserve your power, not waste water, be careful to fill up your holding tanks, and connect with friends, family, and nature. By focusing on these items, you will be able to better plan your trip and give yourself the chance to have the memory of a lifetime. Below we are going to help you think through, plan, and envision your future boondocking trip. With these helpful tips and our unique Memberships, you’ll be on the road trip of your dreams in no time at all.  

Start With Inspiration

Inspiration fuels the spirit of adventure, guiding RVers on their boondocking journeys. It ignites creativity, encourages exploration of uncharted destinations, and instills the courage to step outside comfort zones. With inspiration as their compass, travelers embark on transformative experiences that create lasting memories and a profound connection with nature. Now is the time to search for a few places to get inspiration. Check out more below.

The Adventure Series

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the Harvest Hosts Adventure Series, an unparalleled source of inspiration for new boondockers. Dive into captivating videos that will ignite your adventurous spirit and empower you to embrace the boondocking lifestyle with confidence. Experience the thrill of budget-friendly travel, discover essential tips and tricks for successful boondocking, and indulge in the enchantment of off-grid living from people on the road. With the Adventure Series, you’ll immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and learn to navigate the challenges and rewards of this unique way of exploration! wp-content-uploads-2023-06-3.png The Adventure Series showcases stunning locations, offers valuable insights from seasoned boondockers, and provides practical advice on everything from finding ideal camping spots to conserving resources. Let the series be your guide as you unlock the freedom and serenity of boondocking, and discover a world of breathtaking adventures off the beaten path. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey, as Harvest Hosts invites you to step into the world of boondocking and experience the true essence of freedom and connection with nature. The Adventure Series can be your source of inspiration as you embark on your own boondocking adventures and create unforgettable memories along the way. 

RV Renovation Inspiration

Revitalize your RV for boondocking bliss with our inspirational guide. Whether you're seeking a simple spruce-up or a complete transformation, we've got you covered. Craft a vision that aligns with your RVing lifestyle and explore a plethora of renovation options. From interior spaces to exterior upgrades, we'll help you every step of the way.

wp-content-uploads-2023-06-2.png Let your imagination soar as you create a personalized haven for unforgettable boondocking adventures. Embrace the freedom of the open road and unleash the full potential of your RV with our expert guidance. Get ready for a journey of transformation and discover the joys of a customized living space.

Here are some helpful resources that give renovation advice, such as choosing a hot water heater, options for wall coverings, lighting, and more.  

Social Media

Another great way to get some inspiration is to follow Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome, and others on social media. The temptation is to romanticize the experience without any flaws or moments of difficulty. With a good social media channel, you’ll want to look for a blend of the good, the bad, and the ugly of life on the road. Follow Harvest Hosts here: Instagram/Facebook. Or Boondockers Welcome here: Instagram/Facebook

What Is the Best Season for Boondocking?

The best season for boondocking in your RV largely depends on your preferred climate and location. Generally, spring and fall offer pleasant temperatures, making them ideal seasons for boondocking in various regions. Springtime brings blooming landscapes, vibrant colors, and comfortable weather before the scorching heat of summer arrives. Fall showcases stunning foliage, cooler temperatures, and fewer crowds, creating a serene boondocking experience.  However, it's important to research specific destinations and their weather patterns to make an informed decision. Keep in mind that extreme temperatures in summer and winter may limit boondocking opportunities unless you have the appropriate equipment and are prepared for the conditions. With all of that being said, tons of RVers travel during the summer and can handle the heat with some strategic planning. Plus, winter is amazing for the quiet moments throughout the year, connecting with nature, and the quietness of the season. Here are some great tips for the different seasons. wp-content-uploads-2023-06-5.png

Boondocking in Winter

Boondocking in winter can be a magical experience for adventurous RV travelers. While the colder temperatures may deter some campers, for those willing to brave the frigid temperatures it offers a unique opportunity to explore snow-covered landscapes and enjoy a serene, winter wonderland. Imagine waking up to snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and peaceful forests.  

Top Winter Activities

When boondocking in winter, RVers can engage in a variety of exciting activities. Embrace the snowy wonderland by exploring cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, immersing yourself in the serene winter landscapes. Set up ice fishing gear on frozen lakes for a unique angling experience. Take advantage of nearby slopes for thrilling skiing and snowboarding adventures. Build snow forts, have epic snowball fights, and create charming snowmen with your loved ones. Capture the beauty of winter through photography or painting. Afterward, warm up inside your cozy RV with hot cocoa, board games, or a good book. Embrace the joys of winter while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of boondocking. Winter boondocking is one of the best times for those looking to disconnect from busyness, reconnect with family and friends, and enjoy nature differently.

Top Winter Destinations

Winter boondocking destinations offer RVers a unique and adventurous experience. Head to the snow-covered mountains of Colorado, where you can find picturesque spots for camping amidst stunning alpine scenery. Discover the beauty of national parks like Yellowstone or Yosemite, where you can enjoy peaceful surroundings and possible wildlife sightings. 

The desert southwest landscapes of Arizona and New Mexico also provide excellent boondocking opportunities during the winter months, with mild temperatures and breathtaking sunsets. Additionally, consider exploring the coastal regions of Florida or California, where you can park your RV near the beach and soak up the tranquil atmosphere. Winter boondocking destinations offer a diverse range of landscapes and experiences for RVers seeking an off-grid winter getaway.

For more winter wonderland destinations check out this article on the Harvest Hosts blog

If you want to avoid the cold altogether, you can do that during the winter months too. There are plenty of great places that open their arms to RVers. To chase the good weather, head to one of the hot spots this winter. Here is a list of some of the best places to go for the snowbirds to avoid cold temperatures come January. 

How To Be Prepared For Winter Boondocking

There are things to push through during winter boondocking and we hope we’ve helped encourage you to believe it is worth it. Although driving through the winter weather can be tricky, you can be a full-time RVer during the winter too

Boondocking in Spring

Springtime is a delightful season for boondocking enthusiasts. As nature awakens from its winter slumber, the world bursts into a full spectrum of colors and scents. The blooming wildflowers, budding trees, and chirping birds create a picturesque backdrop for your outdoor adventures. Mild temperatures make it comfortable for hiking, exploring nature trails, enjoying various recreational activities, and getting good sleep at night.  wp-content-uploads-2023-06-7.png

Spring boondocking allows you to witness the transformation of the natural landscape, from the awakening of plants and animals to the soothing sounds of flowing streams and waterfalls. It's a time of rejuvenation and renewal, where you can immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded campgrounds.This is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors.

Top Spring Activities

Spring is the time to de-winterize your RV, do some spring cleaning, and then start your first boondocking experience of the year. When boondocking in spring, RVers can engage in a variety of exciting activities that celebrate the arrival of the new season. Embrace the rejuvenating outdoors by hiking through blooming trails, gushing waterfalls, and spend time capturing the vibrant colors of spring with your camera. 

You can also set up your fishing gear by peaceful lakes or step into the river for some fly-fishing for a serene angling experience. Also, take advantage of mild temperatures for outdoor picnics, nature walks, and birdwatching. Connect with your loved ones by flying kites, playing frisbee, or having a leisurely outdoor barbecue. Embrace the joys of spring while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of boondocking.

Top Spring Destinations

Spring boondocking destinations offer RVers a chance to witness nature's rebirth and enjoy pleasant weather. Explore the scenic beauty of national parks like Joshua Tree, the Badlands, or Great Smoky Mountains in eastern Tennessee, where you can witness the blooming wildflowers and experience the wonders of springtime wildlife. 

Discover the charm of coastal regions such as the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the Pacific Northwest—where you can park your RV near the shore and savor the gentle ocean breeze—or even the Midwest’s small-town charm. You can venture into the picturesque landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains, the Great Plains of the “flyover states,” or the Texas Hill Country, where you can hike among blossoming trees and enjoy breathtaking vistas. 

Spring boondocking destinations offer a diverse range of landscapes and experiences for RVers seeking an off-grid getaway during this lively season. You can head into Northern Arizona or southern New Mexico to enjoy the high desert or visit any of these amazing spring destinations.

How To Be Prepared for Spring Boondocking

Boondocking in the spring brings its own set of considerations, and with proper preparation, you can make the most of this vibrant season. Here are some essential tips to help you get ready for your springtime adventures: adapt to the changing conditions, be aware of snow melt and flooding, understand the changing season slowly happens in different regions of the country, and know the differences at different elevations. For a spring boondocking guide, turn to Harvest Hosts for everything.  

Boondocking in Summer

Summer boondocking is a favorite season for many RV enthusiasts. With longer days, warmer weather, and kids out of school summer is the most popular season for boondocking. It offers ample opportunities for outdoor exploration and relaxation. You can enjoy swimming in crystal-clear lakes, hiking through lush forests, and basking in the golden sunshine. The summer months also provide a chance to indulge in various water activities like kayaking, fishing, or simply lounging by the riverside. 

wp-content-uploads-2023-06-6.png While some of the most popular camping spots are sold out, with proper planning, boondocking allows you to escape the masses and find secluded spots where you can fully immerse yourself in nature's beauty. Whether you prefer mountain vistas, coastal retreats, or picturesque meadows, summer boondocking offers endless possibilities for adventure and creating lasting memories.

Top Summer Activities

Boondocking is most popular during the summer months because families can enjoy this experience together. When boondocking in summer, RVers can engage in a variety of exciting activities that celebrate the longer days. Embrace the sun-soaked outdoors by hiking through lush trails, exploring sparkling lakes, and capturing the beauty of summer with your camera.  Take advantage of the warm temperatures for swimming, kayaking, or paddleboarding in quiet waters. Connect with nature by going on a backpacking trip, having a picnic amidst blooming meadows, going on a wildlife spotting excursion, or just enjoying a leisurely experience sitting in the great outdoors with your loved ones. Embrace the joys of summer while reveling in the freedom and flexibility of boondocking.

Top Summer Destinations

Summer boondocking destinations offer RVers a chance to enjoy the bountiful wonders of the northern parts of this beautiful continent. Explore iconic national parks like Yosemite, Glacier, Banff, or Jasper, where you can witness majestic landscapes, hike to breathtaking viewpoints, and experience active glaciers during these warm summer months. 

Discover coastal havens such as the rocky coasts of Maine or the picturesque beaches of California, where you can park your RV near the ocean and indulge in beachside relaxation and the sound of crashing waves. 

Venture into the enchanting forests of the Pacific Northwest or the mountainous regions of Colorado, where you can immerse yourself in cool alpine retreats and enjoy refreshing hikes amidst towering trees, groves of Quaking Aspen trees, and pristine lakes. Remember elevation is a friend for cooler temperatures

Summer boondocking destinations offer a diverse range of natural beauty and memorable experiences for RVers seeking an off-grid escape during this lively season. 

How To Be Prepared for Summer Boondocking

Summer boondocking requires proper preparation to fully enjoy the season. Being prepared for the summer heat is something to be taken seriously. Harmful UV rays can leave you cranky after multiple nights of bad sleep. To help prepare for those more extreme situations, Harvest Hosts has created guides to help you make it through. You can stay cool even during these hot months by planning ahead

wp-content-uploads-2023-06-8.png In addition to dealing with the heat, there are other items you might want to consider when boondocking during the summer months. Here are some essential tips to help you get ready for your summer adventures: pack sunscreen, hats, and lightweight, breathable clothing to protect yourself from the sun and stay comfortable in warm temperatures. Stay hydrated by carrying an ample supply of water and utilize proper food storage to prevent spoilage. 

Be mindful of fire safety regulations and precautions, as summer brings an increased risk of wildfires. Plan your activities and excursions in accordance with local guidelines and respect the natural environment. By being prepared, you can make the most of your summer boondocking experience while savoring the beauty of the season. 

To help you think through everything you need to know about boondocking during this time of year, Harvest Hosts has developed a Summer Guide to Boondocking.  

Boondocking in Fall

According to many, boondocking in the fall is the best time of year to have an amazing experience. It creates captivating moments for nature enthusiasts. As the summer heat wanes, the landscape transforms into a breathtaking symphony of vibrant hues. The changing foliage paints the surroundings with shades of red, orange, and gold, creating a picturesque backdrop for your outdoor adventures. 

Fall boondocking allows you to witness nature's masterpiece as you hike through colorful forests, explore scenic trails, and capture stunning landscapes with your camera. Planning a fall boondocking trip is a great decision you shouldn’t put off.

Autumn’s cooler temperatures make spending extended periods of time outdoors far more pleasant. Use this opportunity to partake in fall activities, whether it's enjoying a campfire in the coolness of night, savoring the crisp air, or relishing in the simple joys of autumn. Even if you only have a weekend, Harvest Hosts has great locations for short trips too. 

Additionally, the quieter atmosphere during the fall season provides a sense of tranquility and solitude, allowing you to connect with nature on a deeper level and appreciate different stages of life. Fall boondocking is a true feast for the senses, offering a symphony of colors, a soothing ambiance, and a chance to embrace the beauty of the changing seasons. 

Top Autumn Activities

Autumn boondocking brings a unique charm as nature adorns itself with vibrant colors and crisp air. RVers can engage in a variety of exciting activities that celebrate the season's arrival. With warm sunny days, travelers can still get out on the water to kayak, paddleboard, fish, or even swim. You can enjoy cycling through the autumn colors or watch as animals get their last nibbles of green grass.

Hiking in the fall is an absolutely amazing experience. Instead of standing back in view of the colors, you find yourself immersed in the vibrant colors as you traverse the trails. While hiking through the Colorado mountains you might find the Quaking Aspen groves surrounding you in yellow, the bright reds and oranges in the New England states, or other regions of the country. 

While you can have campfires over the summer months, it is often more of a nuisance because of the extra heat and the seasonal fire bans. In the crisp, cool autumn evenings, it might make more sense for you to have a fire. The warmth creates an enjoyable centerpiece to help break the ice on conversations and is a great way to cook your dinner.

Top Autumn Destinations

Autumn boondocking destinations offer RVers a chance to witness the breathtaking transformation of nature and enjoy the enchanting ambiance of the season. Explore renowned national parks like Acadia or Great Smoky Mountains, where you can experience the stunning fall foliage, hike through colorful forests, and witness the wildlife preparing for winter. 

Discover the charm of scenic byways such as the Blue Ridge Parkway or the Pacific Coast Highway, where you can drive through picturesque landscapes adorned with vibrant autumn hues. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains or the New England region, where you can hike along trails flanked by fiery orange and golden leaves. Autumn boondocking destinations offer a diverse range of natural beauty and memorable experiences for RVers seeking an off-grid escape during this magical season. 

How To Be Prepared for Autumn Boondocking

Autumn boondocking requires proper preparation to fully embrace the season's splendor. Some essential tips to help you get ready for your autumn adventures are: dress in layers to stay comfortable in fluctuating temperatures, pack warm blankets and cozy clothing for chilly evenings, and make sure your RV's heating system is in good working condition. 

Stay updated on weather forecasts and be prepared for potential rain showers. Carry appropriate gear for leaf-peeping excursions, such as sturdy hiking boots, waterproof jackets, and binoculars for spotting wildlife. Respect wildlife habitats during their mating and migration season, and be mindful of campfire safety guidelines. By being prepared, you can make the most of your autumn boondocking experience while immersing yourself in the captivating beauty of the season. 

What Kind of Gear & Tech Do I Need for Boondocking?

Embarking on a boondocking adventure requires a unique set of gear and technology to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience off the grid. In this section, we will explore the essential items every boondocker should have, as well as innovative technologies that can enhance your off-grid capabilities. We'll also dive into some favorite products highly recommended by seasoned boondockers. 

We'll even talk about power solutions that can keep your devices charged and your technology running longer. And we’ll help you find some of the best trip planning apps like Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome. So, let's dive in and discover the gear and tech that will elevate your boondocking experiences to new heights of convenience and comfort.

Basics and Essentials for Boondocking

When it comes to boondocking, being prepared with the right essentials and the technology basics can make all the difference in ensuring a comfortable and successful off-grid experience. Let's explore the must-have essentials for boondocking and the basic boondocking tech that can enhance your adventure.


Having the right essentials is crucial. These include items like fresh water containers, a reliable portable water filter, a well-stocked first aid kit, camping chairs, a sturdy camping stove, and a set of quality camping cookware. Additionally, investing in a solar shower, portable toilet, and portable waste tank can provide added convenience and comfort while boondocking. However, if your RV has large enough water and waste tanks to last you for a week or so, then you may not need to worry about that aspect. 

When thinking about basic boondocking, you’ll want to consider items like a GPS device or navigation app to help you find remote boondocking locations, a reliable weather radio for staying informed about weather conditions, and a cell signal booster to improve communication in areas with weak signals. Furthermore, a portable power station or generator—along with a solar panel system—can keep your devices charged and power your RV's appliances and electronics.

Favorite Products to Make Boondocking More Enjoyable

If you're looking for unique and helpful products to really optimize your boondocking experience, check out this article about our 11 favorite boondocking products. You'll find things like water filtration systems, single-serve coffee bags—that work just like tea bags—environmentally-friendly and biodegradable cleansing wipes, a pet monitoring system to make sure your fur babies don't get too hot in your RV or van, and so much more! 

Not only are these products fun and unique, but most of them will enhance your overall safety. You'll even find products in this article like RV locks, RV-specific fire extinguishers, and small hand-crank weather radios that you can depend on when you're outside of cell service range.

Great Products to Help Maximize Your Power

When it comes to boondocking, having a reliable and efficient power solution is essential. Two popular brands that offer excellent power solutions for off-grid adventures are EcoFlow and Jackery. Let's take a closer look at these brands and why they are highly recommended by boondockers.

wp-content-uploads-2023-06-9.png EcoFlow specializes in portable power stations that provide a reliable source of electricity while on the road. These power stations offer a high capacity and fast-charging capabilities, allowing you to power multiple devices simultaneously. With features like multiple AC outlets, USB ports, and DC outputs, EcoFlow power stations provide versatility for all your power needs during boondocking trips. 

Jackery is another trusted brand known for its portable power stations designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts. Jackery power stations are compact, lightweight, and feature a range of outputs to charge various devices. These power stations can be recharged using solar panels, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly option for boondockers seeking a reliable power source off the grid. 

Make the Switch to Lithium

And speaking of power, we couldn’t mention power options without talking about battery types. For a deeper dive, check out this article about upgrading your RV or van’s batteries from lead acid to lithium. One compelling reason to switch from traditional lead acid batteries to lithium batteries is their superior performance and lifespan. Lithium batteries, such as those offered by EcoFlow and Jackery, provide longer-lasting power, are lighter in weight, and offer faster charging times compared to lead-acid batteries. Plus, lithium batteries have a higher depth of discharge, allowing you to utilize more of their capacity without damaging the battery.

Best Trip Planning Apps

Planning an RV trip can be an exciting but challenging task. Thankfully, there are several helpful apps and websites available to simplify the process and enhance your overall travel experience. Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome, and other RV trip planning resources have become invaluable tools for RVers seeking unique and welcoming overnight locations. wp-content-uploads-2023-05-6-1.png

Harvest Hosts, known for its vast network of wineries, farms, and attractions, offers a membership program that allows RVers to stay overnight at these picturesque locations for free or at a nominal cost. This provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with local hosts and indulge in memorable experiences while on the road.  

Boondockers Welcome, recently joining the Harvest Hosts family, offers a similar concept, connecting RVers with hosts who provide free overnight parking on their private property. Both of these apps now offer map overlays that will show you where you can find local dump stations, what the weather conditions are nearby, and even which areas provide which cell phone coverage.  

In addition to these specific platforms, there are other noteworthy RV trip-planning apps and websites like CampersCard that simplify the process of finding campsites, plotting routes, and discovering points of interest. These tools provide access to campground directories, reviews, big rig-friendly travel routes, diesel discounts, and real-time availability information, ensuring a smoother and more organized journey. By utilizing these tools, you can streamline your trip planning, uncover hidden gems, and make the most of your RV adventures. 

Boondocking Lifestyle

Boondocking is not just a camping style—it's a unique way of life that offers freedom, adventure, and a connection to nature. When embracing the boondocking lifestyle, there are several important aspects to consider. From ensuring comfort and safety to accommodating family needs and even remote work requirements, let's explore these seven key elements that contribute to a fulfilling and rewarding boondocking experience.

Simplistic Lifestyle

Boondocking allows you to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, immersing yourself in the simplicity of nature and disconnecting from the demands of the modern world. It's a chance to prioritize experiences over possessions and find contentment in the serenity of remote locations.This is an amazing experience. But to truly enjoy it, you must truly embrace it. It’s time to do a little self-reflection, possession purging, and figure out what you really need, and what you can live without.

Consider Your Comfort

Investing in quality bedding and sheets can greatly enhance your comfort during boondocking trips, ensuring restful nights under the stars. Opt for cozy sleeping arrangements, such as memory foam mattress toppers or soft, breathable sheets, to create a peaceful haven in your RV or camper. And if it’s in your budget, consider upgrading your mattress too! Even if it’s a smaller-than-normal mattress—like a Queen Short—upgrading it to something with more support and more comfort will help you enjoy boondocking longer.

Coffee Time!

For coffee enthusiasts, having a reliable coffee setup—whether it's a portable French press or a compact coffee maker—can be a game-changer in starting the day off right. Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite coffee beans, grind them ahead of time, and purchase any sugar and cream needed for your fellow travelers. Enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee amidst nature's embrace, savoring each sip as you awaken to the beauty of your boondocking location.


Boondocking can be a wonderful opportunity for family bonding. Plan activities and games that the whole family can enjoy, such as hiking, stargazing, or storytelling around the campfire. Prioritize safety measures, like teaching kids about wilderness awareness and carrying appropriate gear, to ensure a memorable and secure experience for everyone. And don’t forget to pack some solo-activity supplies like books and coloring supplies too. Because when you spend that much time together, everyone will appreciate a little alone time as well!


wp-content-uploads-2023-06-10.png Take necessary precautions by having a well-stocked first aid kit, emergency supplies, and a solid understanding of the boondocking location's safety considerations. Familiarize yourself with local wildlife, weather patterns, and any potential hazards to ensure a safe and enjoyable boondocking adventure. And anytime you’re considering boondocking safety, make sure to be aware of your surroundings, and keep your RV and belongings locked up and safe.

Solo Travel

Boondocking can be an empowering experience for solo travelers. Plan ahead, stay vigilant, and embrace the solitude and self-discovery that comes with exploring nature alone. Enjoy the freedom to set your own pace, indulge in introspection, and create unforgettable memories as you navigate the scenic landscapes of your chosen destinations.

And at the risk of sounding redundant… when you travel alone, make sure to travel safely! Share your location with friends and family, don’t travel with an empty tank or low-charged phone, stay in populated areas, and bring your dog along for the ride! Anything you can do to keep yourself as safe as possible will help you to enjoy solo travel all the more!

Remote Work

If you need to work remotely while boondocking, ensure you have a reliable internet solution such as a mobile hotspot or a signal booster to stay connected and productive. Research cellular coverage in your desired boondocking areas and invest in technology that enables you to maintain a stable internet connection, so you can balance work responsibilities while enjoying the freedom of the outdoors.By considering these aspects, you can fully embrace the boondocking lifestyle and create lasting memories while enjoying the freedom and beauty of the great outdoors. 

Join Harvest Hosts Today!

Boondocking offers RVers an opportunity to blend their love of travel with the beauty of nature in perfect harmony. Whether you choose to camp in national forests, on public lands, or at one of the 8,000+ Harvest Hosts locations across North America—that comes with the All Access Plan—you won’t regret your journey. Be sure to take the steps to be prepared, embrace the freedom, and get started on your boondocking journey with Harvest Hosts today.

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